Lavender Essential Oil

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lavender Essential Oil

If you have no other essential oils in your cabinet (placed high away from children by the way) you must have pure Lavender Essential oil. This oil is incredible for so many things, but as a first aid tool, you can't beat it.

Burns, Burns, Burns

We all have experienced the pain of burns in the kitchen, or the dozens of other ways we manage to burn ourselves. If you dab a little tiny bit of Lavender on the burn, the pain will diminish after abour 4 minutes, and likely you will not even have a blister, and thus no scar.

It is incredible to me how often I turn to this oil for burns and it has saved me many times over.

The Lavender you need is not a fragrance oil. You need Steam Distilled Lavender Vera or Lavender Angustafolia. DO NOT TRY USING A FRAGRANCE OIL on an injury.

Also, when using the lavender, do not put your fingers in the bottle, drop it on the burn directly (one drop!!! not a lot!!!!) or put on a tissue or q-tip, then dab that on the burn. My most recent burn was really bad (picked up a steaming hot lid from a pan) and for some reason had a hard time finding a safe place to put it down), for that I put a couple drops of Lavender in an egg-cup and put my burnt thumb and forefinger in the lavender. It hurt for under 5 minutes... and later that night I was busy giving my boyfriend his weekly deep tissue massage. I had absolutely no pain and no scar. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The most healing oil!

more information and discussions on lavender to follow